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How does this happen? One minute I see Fushigi Yuugi mentioned on TV Tropes, the next thing you know I'm obsessively watching episodes on YouTube dubbed into languages I don't even speak. And then, I end up writing fanfic, which I humbly submit now.

Title: The Weight of Water
Author: Mercaque
Characters/Pairing: Strong references to past Tasuki/Nuriko, but also focuses strongly on Chichiri and Tasuki in a non-yaoi (or pre-yaoi) way. Chichiri POV.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No ownership or profit implied or occurring.
Summary: By the time Chichiri realizes the trap has been sprung, it may already be too late for Tasuki. Angst, some hurt/comfort.
Warnings: Salty language, spoilers for Chichiri's backstory and for episode 33.

Story here

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